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Let AI make your learning videos more effective. Enable learners to absorb key knowledge quickly. As learners scan a video by moving along its timeline, Quillionz Skim shows a gist of what is going on around that point in time in a unique patent-pending Theme Cloud. It means, learners can quickly review the parts of video that matter most.

What is Quillionz Pro?

Highlight Key Learning Points

Let learners skip past the content they know already and cut to the chase by processing cool Skim-Thru for learning videos.

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What is Quillionz Pro?
Quillionz creates. You curate.

Drive Engagement and Completion

Motivate learners with concise learning material. Reinforce key concepts by making them easier to notice in a video. Achieve higher course completion rates.

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What is Quillionz Pro?

Make Videos Stand Out Easily

Make AI do the work for you. Get your training videos to stand out with the Theme Cloud, Quillionz Skim’s patent-pending context-driven navigation aid.

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What is Quillionz Pro?


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