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Quillionz question creation process
Leverage the power of questions.

Leverage the power of questions.

Questions are the hallmark of quality learning.

In the age of information overload, the key to a successful learning experience lies in asking the right questions.

Quillionz does exactly that.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Quillionz is a platform that lets you build a host of quality quizzes and assessments—within seconds and completely free.

Explore the true potential of questions, with Quillionz.

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Leverage the power of questions.
Quillionz creates. You curate.

Quillionz creates. You curate.

We know that no one knows your content as well as you do.

That’s why with Quillionz, you’re the one in charge.

Quillionz creates a variety of questions on your content, including multiple-choice questions, recall questions and short descriptive questions. Once the questions are ready, Quillionz lets you curate and enhance them as much as you need.

Pick the questions you like the most. Edit the ones that need some tweaking. Like the question, but not happy with the options? Ask Quillionz to suggest some more.

Do it all, with Quillionz.

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What is Quillionz Pro?

What is Quillionz Pro?

Quillionz Pro is the premium version of Quillionz. It generates better quality questions in fewer steps and lesser time.

It lets you generate Wh questions and also allows exporting questions into multiple formats, thus enabling you to directly upload questions on LMS or print assessments.

With a generous daily quota of questions and QuilliQuizzes, Quillionz Pro is ideal if you need to generate high-quality machine learning questions.

What is Quillionz Pro?
Make self-assessments fun with QuilliQuiz.

Make self-assessments fun with QuilliQuiz.

Self-assessments are important. For both, students and teachers.

Students can examine their own level of understanding without any judgment.

Teachers can quickly reinforce key concepts whenever required.

So, take a self-assessment, check your knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and also have fun sharing it with your peers.

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Quillionz API for Business.

Quillionz API for Business.

We understand that every business has distinct needs. And that’s why Quillionz offers API support for businesses.

Quillionz supports REST API and offers custom integration options with systems that use questions, such as, EdTech platforms, assessment and quiz platforms, learning management systems, digital publishing platforms, and more.

With multiple integration options designed to handle various OEM business needs, advanced tools and utilities, and custom input/output formats, Quillionz API can be tailored to suit your unique business needs.

Know More About Quillionz API
WQuillionz API for Business.

Using Quillionz is as easy as this.

Submit Content

Submit Content

Copy your content into Quillionz.

Choose Keywords

Choose Keywords

Tell Quillionz which keywords are important for question creation.

Review Content

Review Content

Review and edit your content to get it ready for the Quillionz AI engine.

Get Question Ideas

Get Question Ideas

Get quality question ideas within seconds, and tweak them as you wish.



Basic Subscription

$0 lifetime

  • Generate MCQ's, Recall, True/False, Short answers, and Fill-in type questions
  • Generate up to five question sets per day
  • Save up to two questions sets
  • Input content as text
  • Export question sets as text file or QuilliQuiz
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Quillionz Pro

Premium Subscription

$9.99 per month

  • Generate Wh questions
  • Generate and save unlimited question sets per day
  • Input content through text or pdf format
  • Use express mode to generate questions rapidly
  • Export questions into popular formats like .pdf, .txt, .doc, QTI, and QuilliQuiz
  • Enjoy ad-free experience
  • View question context
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Quillionz for Business

Business Subscription

Custom Pricing

  • Tailored for business needs
  • API support
  • Custom integration with systems and workflows
  • Advanced tools and utilities
  • Custom input and output formats
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  • Can I purchase an annual subscription of Quillionz Pro?
    Yes, Quillionz Pro is available at an annual subscription for $99. You may purchase it by contacting

  • What kind of content works best with Quillionz?
    Content that is structured, descriptive, and factual gives the best results with Quillionz. However, content that is very subjective, expressive, highly specialized to a domain, or contains specific jargons might not generate the best questions.

  • What languages does Quillionz support?
    As of now, Quillionz works only with English. But language support is a part of our roadmap, so stay tuned!

  • Can Quillionz generate Wh questions?
    Yes, Quillionz Pro is ideal for generating Wh questions.

  • Can you help me curate questions using my own data as input?
    Yes, we offer a dedicated curation service to help review and curate questions created by the Quillionz AI engine. Please for more details

  • Does Quillionz allow white-labelling?
    Yes, Quillionz can allow white-labelling. Please for more details.

  • Can I use an excel file as source data to create questions?
    No, as of now, you can only use direct text pasted into the Quillionz interface or PDF file as input modes.

  • Can I use Quillionz API ?
    Yes, you may use Quillionz API, which is available on-demand. Please for further details.

  • Can I use Quillionz API for free?
    No, the API is not available for free. Please for pricing details.

  • Whose ownership is the content?
    The input content remains under user's ownership. Quillionz only processes the content to generate questions and answers. The option to delete the content from the system is provided to user. The user may exercise this right to delete which will lead to erasure of content as well as questions and answers from the system entirely.

  • Can I select multiple keywords at once instead of adding them one by one when generating questions?
    Quillionz automatically selects the most important keywords, but still, if you would like to select all or multiple keywords at once, this is not possible at the moment.

  • Is any or all of the text or content that is entered preserved or utilized by Quillionz in any way?
    All the text entered by the user is preserved by Quillionz until the user erases the data out of the system. It is only utilized to generate questions and answers from the same using Quillionz algorithms. We do not copy, redistribute, or publish this content elsewhere.

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Is Quillionz Right for Me?

What Works

What Works

Quillionz works best with content that is structured and factual, and doesn’t follow too complex a writing style. If your content is flowing, descriptive, and informative—basically if it is a typical instructional or educational content—it is ideal for Quillionz.

What May Not Work

What May Not Work

If your content is very subjective or expressive—a blog post, for example; if it includes long and convoluted sentences—such as a legal text; or if it is highly specialized to a domain and contains specific jargon—for instance a medical research article, you may not get exactly what you need from Quillionz.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Quillionz is perfect if you are looking for questions that ask your learners to identify and recall specific entities, key words, and phrases, define key terms, and describe key ideas encountered in the content. Quillionz also creates questions that evaluate your learners’ ability to explain causal relationships based on explicitly stated reasoning and cite examples of general ideas expressed in the content.

What Not to Expect

What Not to Expect

For those of you who seek higher-order questions that evaluate the learners’ ability to draw parallels or comparisons, infer implied causal relationships, or explain implicit themes and concepts in the content, Quillionz may not be able to give you what you need, at least for the moment. Rest assured, higher-order implicit questions are a part of our roadmap, so stay tuned!

Quillionz Curation Service

If you’re not sure whether Quillionz is the right choice for you; or if you prefer a human touch over artificial intelligence, Quillionz Curation Service is the perfect choice for you.
With our Curation Service option, the Quillionz team of instructional design experts are always available to review and curate questions created by the Quillionz AI engine—handpicking only the best for you.

About Us

Quillionz is created by Harbinger AI, a part of Harbinger Group. Harbinger Group is a global leader in eLearning and software product engineering. Harbinger continually strives to challenge the status quo in eLearning with innovative groundbreaking products such as Raptivity® interactivity builder, Exaltive® interactive video, and Quillionz, the unique automated question generator. It has always been an important part of Harbinger’s mission to support and enable learning and teaching professionals to create more engaging and enriching learning experiences.

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